Who We Are?

My name is Grayson. I grew up on a small farm in Idaho with my 4 siblings and my Australian Shepherd – Border Collie mix. She was my very best friend and I just adored her. I never went anywhere without her. She had 3 different litters of puppies.

Her puppies were always SO adorable! I just love puppies and can’t get enough of them! Since I moved to Salt Lake City, Utah with my husband, we started looking for a dog small enough to live in the house with us, but we also didn’t want to deal with a lot of shedding. My husband recommended American Bulldogs because of their excellent nature.

In his words, “They’re not as spazzy and yappy as Chihuahuas or similar small dogs.” My husband surprised me one day by bringing Ava home and I instantly fell in love. She was very intelligent and was always eager to learn new tricks, which to her means more treats! Within a few short weeks, she eagerly learned to sit, lay down, turn around, beg, jump, and go take a nap.

Having an American Bulldog, which is the second smartest breed, really helps. It is a lot of fun teaching our dogs new tricks! This article by yourdogadvisor.com has a few brilliant tricks that you can teach your dog. They also explain how to teach them. We have also added a new addition to our home, Molly, to give Ava someone to play with when our busy lives take over and they love each other.

They do everything together including sharing their chew toys. I absolutely love our American Bulldog and enjoy the precious moments when they have puppies and the time I get to spend with their puppies as they curiously explore this new world they’re born into. We strive to breed only the healthiest American Bulldog with lots of love and attention.

We have strict breeding and care standards for all of the American Bulldog  in our program. If you are eager to learn more about why a American Bulldog  might be right for you, please visit our About American Bulldog page.